Setup of financial statements (Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Profit or Loss, Comprehensive Statement of Income, Statement of Changes in Equity, Cash Flows)
Financial statements certifications
Complete accounting works:
  • Primary registration of the financial-accounting operations;
  • Preparation of monthly balance sheet;
  • Ledgers of accounts;
  • Additional tax computations;
  • Tax and VAT returns;
  • Assistance in formulating commercial, accounting policies and procedures;
  • Tax audit planning.
Management accounting:
  • Accounting;
  • Primary registration;
  • setup of Reception and difference challenge notes and Warehouse Sheets;
  • discharges (FIFO, CMP) according to the accounting and tax rules;
  • Budgets setup & follow up and cost centers records.
Annual/ Periodical Inventory of company’s assets and liabilities:
  • Assistance in inventory committee setup and inventory proceedings;
  • Factual procedure of counting assets and liabilities;
  • Participation in inventorying the assets elements;
  • Support for assessing the patrimony elements to the real inventory value;
  • Confirmation of clients/ suppliers balances;
  • Inventory compensations for similar patrimony elements;
  • Inventory revaluation;
  • Accounting transposition of inventory results.
Accountancy for mergers, splits, acquisitions, insolvency and liquidations