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Accountancy is a “Science” with exact principles and rules, clear methods, rigourous due dates.

Accountancy is an “Art” where rigour is accompanied by the bigger economic view, and the result – the whole “tableau” – is to be appreciated, to provide a clear, true and fair view of the enterprise.

Who are the judges? Investors, tax authorities, banks, potential buyers…

We combine Science and Art since 1999!

Accountancy 95%
Audit 90%
Tax 85%
Mergers & Acquisitions 95%
Services and Professional Partnerships

Our professional staff is certified by CAFR (Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors), CCF (Romanian Chamber of Fiscal Consultants), CECCAR (Romanian Body of Certified Chartered Accountants), UNPIR (Romanian Union of Insolvency Practitioners).

Our group has permanent partnerships with members of Romanian Bar, public notaries, chartered bailiffs.

Our group provides external consultancy for IT firms, specialized in producing and implementing accounting software. We provide consultancy for implementation, organizing processing data, information flow flux.

Human Resources Management

Managing human resources: payrolls, taxes – computation and declaration – labour contracts, addendums, terminations, various issues which might occur between employers and employees, employers and Labour Chamber, finding modern solutions for externalization – takes a huge proportion out of manager’s working time. Externalization – a viable solution. Maximum results,
minimum expenses.

Accounting expertise – judicial/ extra judicial

Either summoned by the court, or appointed on behalf of the client – part in trials, we provide high quality technical expertise accounting and/ or fiscal, complying with professional standards and the court’s requests.

Start up

Company start up – organizing activity, departments, informational flux of data, operative management, fiscal analysis. Relationship with Trade Registrar in accordance with the Company Act. Fiscal and juridical registration.

Court representation – fiscal, admin issues

Assistance in litigations – fiscal and juridical records appeals
or fines appeals.

Our Clients

We provide services for companies of all sizes and which perform in a wide range of activities: healthcare (esthetics, stomatology), tourism, courier, wholesale and retail commerce, HORECA, research and development, constructions, architecture, publications, IT, real estate, e-commerce, international trade exchanges, not for profit association and the list goes on.

Our partners’ quotes about us:

Mrs. Laurentia Serban is more than a mere professional. She is a person of quality, and enjoys a great experience of life. My professional life has changed considerably since the first time I met her, and I can affirm this without hesitation, the change was in good definitely (CEO)
First time I met Mrs. Serban it was like I fell under a spell. I was able to confide in her everything, just as with a psychiatrist. I trust her enormously, she was helping me to achieve a greater vision of my business and to organize my activity better. (Manager)
I was extremely impressed by the rapidity and the competence with which Mrs. Serban is making professional judgements. Even more important, the explanations she provided were clear and intelligible, without many technical terms, and that was important in running a small business (Manager, small company)
When Mrs. Serban starts solving an issue, you may be certain that, no matter its complexity, it will be solved (Lawyer)
Mrs. Serban was our counselor for selling our business. Two years of hard work. Successfully done. What could be possibly better than that? (ex-owner)
With us, you can take care of business with no worries,
anywhere in the world!

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